Building Charter School Quality
A project funded by the United States Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement

Publications & Tools

Building Charter School Quality's partner organizations worked together to create a variety of important Publications and Tools designed to help align expectations and create clarity among charter school operators, charter support organizations, authorizers and policymakers around how a quality charter school performs and how different stakeholders can work together to hold these schools accountable for both academic and operational quality.

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For Charter Schools
Information for charter school operators on establishing goals and measures that are indicative of quality education.
For Charter Support Organizations
Tools for associations, resource centers and support organizations working to achieve quality educational institutions.
For Charter Authorizers
Assisting authorizers in improving practices around charter approval, oversight, renewal, and closure.
For Policymakers
Designed to assist in implementing policies that pave the way for high quality charters to flourish.
"CREDO at Stanford was privileged to partner in the BCSQ initiative. The common quality standards and related support from the Performance Management Institute have given policymakers, authorizers, CMOs and schools a practical and proven approach to measuring and managing their performance to higher levels of quality. It is gratifying to see the extent to which the BCSQ project accelerated the focus of the charter sector on quality results. The continuing availability of the Quality Frameworks and the Performance Management Institute are aimed at furthering the dissemination of this important work."

Macke Raymond, Director
CREDO at Stanford University

Building Charter School Quality Partner Organizations

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Colorado League of Charter Schools National Association of Charter School Authorizers National Alliance for Public Charter Schools CREDO at Stanford University Building Charter School Quality